Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Lovers in Paradise" with Connie from X-Art

x-art_connie_lovers_in_paradise-sml x-art_connie_lovers_in_paradise-sml x-art_connie_lovers_in_paradise-sml x-art_connie_lovers_in_paradise-sml

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Two young lovers engage in passionate sex

These are the types of photos and videos of X-Art models I like to see. In “Lovers in Paradise” you get to watch an authentic lovemaking session between two people. Connie and her boyfriend star in this feature from X-Art, and it’s a good one - these two spend a relaxing afternoon in the shade while on vacation in a beach resort on Aruba. Aaron begins by massaging her, running his hands up and down her bare back and cupping her tight ass. She slowly spreads her legs and lets him slide a finger down her wet pussy. As he brings her closer to orgasm, he stops, teasing her and lets her play with his cock for a while. Pretty soon she needs it inside her, and climbs on top of him so she can take control of the situation.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Caprice and Anneli together in “Girl Time”

x-art_caprice_anneli_girl_time-sml x-art_caprice_anneli_girl_time-sml x-art_caprice_anneli_girl_time-sml x-art_caprice_anneli_girl_time-sml

Two of X-Art’s sexiest girls come together

Join is in this installation from as Caprice and Anneli get to know each other a little better. They’re sharing a room together on vacation, and we get to see as they share each other inside it. They are perfect together, and clearly enjoy one another’s company. You’ll want to see the entire collection of photos as they lick, suck, and fuck each other with a real passion that’s impossible to fabricate. The intensity of their feelings for each other is clear in these pics.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Young X-Art model Carmen is “Hot and Wet”

x-art_carmen_hot_&_wet-sml x-art_carmen_hot_&_wet-sml x-art_carmen_hot_&_wet-sml x-art_carmen_hot_&_wet-sml

This sultry Brazilian girl puts on a great show

Carmen is one of X-Arts youngest models, at only 18 years old, and she’s also one of their sexiest! Hailing from Brazil, where the girls seem to be manufactured with great tits, pretty faces, and perfect asses, she’s also maintaining that perfect natural beauty. In this set of pics, watch as she strips down and spreads tanning lotion across her perk nipples. Then she proceeds to lay down and slide a few fingers inside her pussy, rubbing and massaging it just the way she likes it.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Silvie bares all in “Centerfold”

x-art_silvie_centerfold-sml x-art_silvie_centerfold-sml x-art_silvie_centerfold-sml x-art_silvie_centerfold-sml

Watch Silvie in this exclusive strip tease

Come enjoy this private strip tease featuring model Silvie as she struts her stuff. She starts by enticing us with a sexy dance, wearing only her short skirt, tank top and panties. After the clothes start falling off, she reveals her perfect body. As she stares right at the camera and massages her pussy, you’ll feel like she’s your own private show.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bonus video from “How deep is my love”

Enjoy this video preview from “How deep is my love" with Connie from X-Art

[flv: 550 320]

"Afternoon Delight" with Angel

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A vacation surprise is waiting for you

For those of you lucky enough to have gone on a nice relaxing carribean vacation, imagine this - as you’re laying by the pool, cabana, or beach (minus the wife of course) a young brunette takes a seat next to you. You notice her eyeing you as she sits down. You chat with her and before you know it, she’s asking if you’ll escort her back to her room.

From there it’s a wild ride as she climbs on top of you and slides down your hard cock while she moans with pleasure. You flip her over, and ram her from behind with all you’ve got, until finally you burst inside her and collapse. After a quick nap, you reclaim your seat by the pool and wait for your wife and friends to return, as if nothing happened.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Eufrat & Silvie in “No Strings Attached”

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Two of X-Arts most popular models together

Eufrat and Silvie have been on X-Art since their inception, and for good reason. These two models represent the pinnacle of female beauty - and joined together they may have created a new high mark for girl-on-girl action. In “No Strings Attached” these two play with each other’s pussies until they climax again and again. From the pics you can see they’re having a great time together. Just wait until you see the video - it’s even hotter!

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Connie from X-Art in “How Deep is my Love”

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Connie and her boyfriend showing us what real love is

If you have ever been in love, then you know there’s something just a little more magical about the sex between you and the other person. Emotions bring a new level of intensity into the picture, and that’s what is so plainly evident in this set of photos and video from X-Art. They invite us into the bedroom of a lovely young couple this time, and we watch as Connie and Aaron mix the hard, passionate fucking with soft and gentle lovemaking. It’s nice to see a couple that seems so genuinely involved in pleasuring each other, and you can tell they are on another level by how they look at each other. This is no “backroom casting couch” type bullshit - just a real sexy couple reminding us what real sex is all about.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Georgia and Faye “Come together”

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Georgia dominates Faye Reagan

This hot girl-on-girl scene comes from X-Art’s archive, and it’s a good one. Watch Faye Reagen get dominated by Georgia, as she brings out a large flesh-colored dildo to penetrate her friend’s tight little pussy. These two get pretty kinky in this set of erotic photos, and as always Brigham does a wonderful job keeping it classy and composing the shots with a professional eye. You don’t see many lesbian scenes this hot anymore.

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Monique in “Loves to Fuck”

monique_love_tofuck monique_love_tofuck monique_love_tofuck monique_love_tofuck

Young Russian girl knows how she likes it

When this sexy blonde Russian girl wanted to pose for some nude photos, she knew it would have to be with X-Art. She didn’t want just any old porn site shooting her most intimate encounter with her boyfriend - only Brigham from would suffice. She’s a nineteen year old babe with a smoking hot body, and a serious hunger for sex. During the day she likes to play tennis and go to school but at night it’s time to get some hot action. Watch as her boyfriend puts his stiff cock deep inside her, which is just the beginning.

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